Model TTPX Cryogenic Probe Station


Features of the Model TTPX Tabletop Probe Station

  • Entry-level system
  • Compact table-top design
  • Affordable
  • Rapid cooldown and warmup
  • Backside optical access

Optional configurations

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Optical access option Optical access (FT-OPTIC)
Low temperature option Low temperature (PS-LT-CPX)
High temperature option High temperature (PS-HTSTAGE)
Vibration isolation option Vibration isolation (PS-PVIS)
Stand option Stand (PS-STAND)
PSoption_Z160 Zoom 125 microscope (PS-Z12P5)


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Ring magnet sample holder kit Ring magnet kit (PS-RING-MAG-KIT)
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TTPX vacuum chamber and radiation shields

The TTPX probe station is an affordable, entry-level probe station capable of making a wide variety of non-destructive, standard electrical device measurements. The compact table-top design is perfect for academic and laboratory research settings. The TTPX provides efficient cryogenic temperature operation and control with a continuous refrigeration system using either liquid helium or liquid nitrogen.

The TTPX operates over a temperature range of 4.2 K to 475 K with options to extend as low as 3.2 K or to a higher range of 20 K to 675 K. This model accommodates full and partial wafers up to 51 mm (2 in) in diameter. A wide selection of probes, cables, sample holders, and options makes it possible to meet specific measurement applications.

The TTPX is Lake Shore’s premium design for electro-optical materials characterization with the backside optical access option and compatible optical sample holders. I-V, C-V, and microwave measurements are standard options on the TTPX. Its versatility and affordability make the TTPX the tool of choice for many researchers around the world.

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Sample holders

Probing configurations

Vision system

Sample temperature accuracy is key


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