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MeasureLINK-MCS software is a simple yet powerful tool that allows scientists to implement open-ended measurement systems from a set of common instrumentation components. It combines drivers for Lake Shore and third-party instruments, measurement procedures, and data visualization elements so you can quickly validate a data set for export to an analysis tool (Mathcad, Mathematica, etc.)

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Curve Handler

Curve Handler

The Lake Shore Curve Handler allows temperature curve files to be easily uploaded to Lake Shore temperature instruments. It can also be used to read temperature curves from Lake Shore instruments and write them to files, and to edit curve information and save the edited curve back to the instrument, or to a file.

Supported products: Model 211, Model 218, Model 224, Model 325, Model 331, Model 332, Model 335, Model 336, Model 340, Model 350, Model 370, and Model 372

Chart Recorder

Chart Recorder

The Lake Shore Chart Recorder is a general charting and logging software tool designed to work with several Lake Shore temperature instruments via USB, serial, GPIB, or Ethernet.

Supported products: Model 218, Model 224, Model 331; Model 332, Model 325, Model 335, Model 336, Model 350, Model 370, and Model 372

Instrument Communication Utility

Instrument Communication Utility

The Instrument Communication Utility enables serial (USB) or TCP/IP communication with Lake Shore instruments. Through it, you can detect which COM ports are available on a local computer, and send commands and receive responses from connected instruments. It is a basic diagnostic utility, streamlining troubleshooting and assisting with Lake Shore service requests.

Supported products: Model 121, Model 211, Model 218, Model 224, 240 Series, Model 325, Model 331, Model 332, Model 335, Model 336, Model 340, Model 350, Model 370, Model 372, Model 425, Model 455, Model 475, Model 480, Model 625, Model 643, and Model 648

Magnetocaloric effect (MCE) analysis software

Magnetocaloric Effect Analysis Software

Offered in a free beta trial version, this software package allows Lake Shore 7300/7400 Series VSM users to more easily analyze candidate materials for magnetocaloric effect (MCE) behavior by calculating the magnetic entropy change and refrigerant capacity of the materials.

Supported products: Lake Shore 7300/7400/7400-S Series VSMs

First-Order-Reversal-Curve (FORC) Utility

FORC Utility

The FORC Utility provides a convenient way for 7400 and 7400-S Series VSM users to set up and run FORC measurements. These measurements provide unprecedented insight into the magnetic properties of materials, information that is not possible to obtain from a hysteresis loop alone.

Supported products: Lake Shore 7400/7400-S Series VSMs

240 Series software

MeasureLINK for the 240 Series

MeasureLINK for the 240 Series provides the ability to configure, maintain and directly monitor Lake Shore 240 Series cryogenic temperature sensor input modules.

There is also a zipped package for offline installation.

Please note: if you have installed version or older of MeasureLINK for the 240 Series, you need to uninstall that older version in order to install this newest update.

Firmware update

Download the latest 240 Series firmware update and install it using MeasureLINK.

PLC configuration file

Download the GSD file.

USB driver

Windows 6.7

Windows 10.1.3

Firmware updates

Firmware updates are available for the Model 372, 350, 336, 335, 224, 121, and 425. Go to the Firmware Updater page, where you can download the appropriate firmware file and the updater itself.

Ethernet firmware updates

Ethernet firmware updates are available for the following:

IVI.NET drivers

155-AC, 155-DC

LabView™ drivers

Available from the National Instruments website.

USB drivers

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