Special Features and Benefits:

  • No vacuum pump required for temperatures over 4.2 K
  • No heating of exhaust gas required
  • Monitoring of flow rate not required
  • Easily adaptable to a He recovery system
  • Highly flexible transfer line with a minimum 12 in bend radius

Standard configuration includes

  • Optical vacuum shroud
  • Optical radiation shield
  • Four (4) quartz window sets
  • Optical sample holder
  • Temperature sensor
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Sample positioner with one (1) 10-pin and one (1) 8-pin electrical feedthrough
  • 6 ft superinsulated cryogen transfer line
  • Control heater
  • System test 


  • Detachable tail Dewar
  • Electrical feedthrough port(s)
  • Exchange gas manifold
  • Safety pressure relief valve
  • Temperature sensor
  • System test

All SVT Models Include:

  • Janis Research SuperVariTemp system
  • Top-loading sample positioner
  • One (1) 10-pin and two (2) 8-pin electrical feedthroughs
  • Safety pressure relief valve
  • System test

Standard System Features:

  • Top sample loading and exchange at all temperatures
  • Effortless sample rotation and translation about the vertical axis at all temperatures, with options for rotation about a horizontal axis
  • Field-independent thermometry
  • The Janis SuperVariTemp system, with provision for a temperature control thermometer at the heat exchanger
  • Vapor cooled/superconducting high current magnet leads
  • Superconducting magnets with persistent mode operation providing field stabilities of 20 ppm/h
  • Carefully designed magnet support inside the helium reservoir, with optical access through the Dewar vacuum space (OptiMag and SuperOptiMag systems)
  • Built-in superconducting liquid helium level sensors, providing continuous or timed level monitoring
  • Readily accessible and interchangeable sample chambers

Standard Features:

  • Pulse tube or GM cooler
  • Cryocoolers with 1 W, 1.2 W, 1.5 W or 2 W cooling at 4.2 K available
  • Compact tabletop size
  • Adjustable working distance
  • Multipin electrical feedthrough
  • Control heater and thermometer
  • Integrated gas handling system
  • Dry scroll pump for gas circulation

VNF Series features:

  • Quick refill capability with included funnel assembly 
  • High-quality bellows-sealed evacuation valve and a built-in cryopump for maintaining high vacuum
  • Safety pressure relief valves protecting all independent spaces
  • 1.25 in diameter sample tube with customer-specified optical access (standard system offers four quartz window pairs with f = 1.0 optical access to the sample space)
  • Top-loading sample chamber for rapid sample exchange
  • Variable cooling system that places the sample in flowing N2 vapor (ideal for low thermal conduction samples), providing excellent cooling power and temperature control
  • Lightweight sample positioner/mount assembly, with multi-pin electrical feedthrough access to the window region, offering rotation and translation around the cryostat axis
  • Two silicon diodes installed on the vaporizer (heat exchanger) and sample mount for controlling and monitoring the system temperature

VPF Series features:

  • Fused quartz windows
  • 4-way optical access (f = 1.0)
  • Si diode thermometer and heater (thermocouple for VPF-800)
  • Electrical feedthrough for thermometry
  • Optical sample holder
  • Refill assembly for continuous operation
  • Complete system test