Fiber Optic Probes and Cables

FeedthroughPurposeDetailed descriptionThe three types of fiber optic probes Lake Shore offers
SMAGeneral purpose/low costSMA 905/906 with flat end (<-11 dB return loss connected); hermetic feedthrough has air gap transition from external customer fiber to internal probe fiber
FCHigh performance/low optical lossNTT-FC with super PC polish (-40 dB return loss connected); hermetic feedthrough is matched to the fiber type for transition from external customer fiber to internal probe fiber
PenetratingIntegrated fiber and feedthrough to maintain polarizationFiber is epoxy sealed to the feedthrough and is continuous through the vacuum chamber to maintain polarization; fiber extends 0.4 m from top of probe arm base with FC style connector on the user end

Fiber optic probe configuration

 Wavelength (nm)Core/cladding diameter (µm)Feedthrough typeFiber probe polish
Single mode (SM)320 to 4002/125FCAPC
400 to 4503/125FCAPC
600 to 8504/125FCFlat
1290 to 16509/125FCFlat
Polarization maintaining (PM)480 to 6303.5/125PenetratingFlat
630 to 8204/125PenetratingFlat
1290 to 15507/125PenetratingAPC
1460 to 16258/125PenetratingAPC
Graded index multimode IRVIS400 to 180050/125SMAFlat
400 to 1800100/140SMAFlat
Step index multimode IRVIS350 to 210050/125SMAFlat
400 to 2100100/140SMAFlat
400 to 2100200/240SMAFlat
Step index multimode UVVIS280 to 75025/125SMAFlat
200 to 90050/125SMAFlat
200 to 900100/140SMAFlat

Probe orientation

IncludedFiber optic probe holder with normal incidence to sample for maximum intensity
OptionalFiber optic probe holder with 30° from normal incidence for better visualization and placement of the optical spot on the sample

Polish type

Flat versus angled PC polish types
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