Standard curve Not applicable
Nominal capacitance 6.1 nF
Nominal sensitivity 26 pF/K
Accuracy (interchangeability)
Not applicable
Accuracy (calibrated) Calibration should be performed in situ
Recommended excitation 1 to 5 kHz, 0 to 7 V peak to peak or any other acceptable capacitance measuring method
Dissipation at recommended excitation
Not applicable
Expected long-term stability ±1.0 K/yr
Thermal response time Minutes, dominated by electronic setting time
Radiation effects Not available
Magnetic fields See table on right
Reproducibility Click here for detailed discussion
Soldering standard J-STD-001 Class 2
Range of Use
Maximum limit
CS-501GR 1.4 K 290 K




Typical Magnetic Field-Dependent Temperature Errors1 ΔT/T (%) at B (magnetic induction)
Package parallel to field B
T (K)18.7 T
1 Recommended for control purposes;
monotonic in C vs T to nearly room temperature frequency dependent
Physical Specifications
 DimensionsMassLead typeInternal
3.0 mm ×
8.5 mm long
260 mg 2 phosphor bronze with heavy build polyimide attached with epoxy strain relief at sensor Air