Thermocouple Wire

Thermocouple wire

Thermocouple Wire Features

Type E (Chromel-Constantan)

Has the highest sensitivity among the three standard thermocouple types typically used at low temperatures (types E, K, and T). The best choice for temperatures down to 40 K.

Type K (Chromel-Alumel)

Recommended for continuous use in inert atmospheres. Has a sensitivity of 4.1 mV/K at 20 K (about ½ of Type E).

Thermocouple wire is used in a variety of cryogenic applications, but special techniques must be employed to approach temperature accuracies of 1% of temperature, even without consideration for the effects of high magnetic fields or high radiation fluxes. The problems are further complicated by exposure to variable gradient conditions at cryogenic temperatures.

Many Lake Shore temperature controllers offer inputs that accommodate most common types of cryogenic thermocouple wire in use. 



Heat conduction down the thermocouple wire is the same as with lead wire going to any other sensing device. Click here for Conduction (Lead Attachment).

Click here for thermocouple curve data.