MagRS magnetic research system


MagRS magnetic research system features

  • 7 in or 4 in electromagnet base platform
  • ExactGAP™ repeatable pole gap positioning
  • GlideLOCK™ precision sample alignment
  • MeasureLINK™-MCS control software license and script library
  • Optional measurement packages:
    • AC field Hall measurement
    • FastHall™ Hall measurement
    • FMR ferromagnetic resonance measurement
    • VSM vibrating sample magnetometer measurement
    • ETransport electron transport measurement (coming soon)

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Configure your base system

The MagRS base system comes with a 4 or 7 in magnet, with additional options to customize the system for your experimental needs. Choose to add VSM capability, temperature option accessories, or optical access. MagRS comes standard with ExactGAP magnet pole gap indexing and GlideLOCK precision sample positioning.

Add the measurement options you need

MagRS can be equipped to provide the functionality you need on your path to discovery. Choose one or many options, or add options as you need them. The possibilities are endless.

MagRS measurement options


More about MagRS

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