Open source projects used to write the software included in the Ethernet firmware:


Firmware features added:

Open source code used inOpen source code projectsOpen source code website

Curve Handler utility

JFreechart project source code


Curve Handler utility

Apache POI project source code

Apache POI

Ethernet Firmware Updater

Jakarta Commons Net project source code

Jakarta Commons Net

Instrument firmware versionFeatures added


Closed Loop PID and Zone modes available on Outputs 3 and 4.

Setpoint “press-and-hold” loads current temperature to setpoint, bypassing ramping.


Capacitance option card support added.


Scanner option card support added.


RESET command added. Minor bug fix.


Added sensor name units for custom display mode. Minor bug fixes.


Added KRDG/CRDG/SRDG? 0 command parameter to return all input readings. Minor bug fixes.


Fixed problem with reporting of false heater open errors. Minor bug fixes.


Fixed bug that caused the thermocouple option to read incorrectly when a diode is attached to input D.

Changed ramp rate limits to allow rates as low as 0.001 K/min.

Ethernet firmware versionFeatures added


Instrument Configuration Backup utility added.


Chart Recorder utility added.

Support for Model 350 added.


Chart Recorder and Instrument Configuration utilities updated to support the Model 3062 scanner option card.


Added support for the Model 224.

Increased number of simultaneous TCP socket connections allowed from 2 to 5.


Fixed issue resulting from Java 7 Update 51 and newer requiring the permission attribute in the .jar file to match the corresponding attribute in the .jnlp file. If they don't match, an error message is displayed and the application is not allowed to run.


Added support for the Model 372.


Updated expired certificate.


Updated expired certificate for Java apps.


Updated to support new hardware revision of Ethernet module.

Fixed Ethernet uptime status.


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