Capacitance Sensor Package

The CS-501GR package is an AA-type package that can be mounted in a hole with grease or epoxy. Appendix C: Sensor Packaging and Installation discusses techniques for the correct installation of cryogenic temperature sensors. Special packaging is also available—consult Lake Shore for custom orders.

Additional information about Lake Shore sensors and packaging can be found in our Temperature Sensor Selection Guide.

Each sensor package or adapter has been given a rating for four attributes or characteristics. These ratings give a general idea of how a package will perform and aid in the early decision making process, but are not a substitute for detailed specifications.


Capacitance Package
  • Virtually no magnetic field-induced errors
  • Capable of mK control stability in the presence of strong magnetic fields
  • Monotonic in C versus T to nearly room temperature

Leads: 2

Lead material: Phosphor bronze with heavy build polyimide attached with epoxy strain relief at sensor

Mass: 260 mg

Limitation: 1.4 K to 290 K