Lake Shore Cryotronics introduces BPF Series of terahertz and IR band pass filters
Band pass filters

Lake Shore Cryotronics is pleased to introduce the BPF Series of terahertz (THz) and infrared (IR) band pass filters. These filters are specifically designed for applications where precision and dependability are paramount, especially when used in extreme environments.

BPF series filters are perfect for THz and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy and materials characterization, THz device characterization and testing, THz and millimeter wave imaging/security, as well as ground and airborne-based astronomy and astrophysics. The filters block unwanted energy, reducing noise and enhancing signal detection in advanced electro-optical systems, and can also serve as excellent calibration references, providing known frequency/ amplitude profiles. They are specifically designed for use in cryostats and adjacent to ultra-sensitive cooled detectors.

Originally developed and qualified for NASA, Lake Shore’s filters stand up to harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperature cycles, high gamma radiation, vacuum/pressure cycles and vibration. Compact and light, they have a high ratio of usable clear aperture area to overall filter size, and are made with an ultra-thin gold filter layer for minimal weight. Precision frequency selective surfaces (FSS) with high spectral resolution provide narrow pass bands with excellent transmission.

Customers can now choose from over 100 standard, readily-available catalog models, including a wide range of more than 25 pass bands and 4 different aperture sizes, for rapid delivery with no custom engineering charges. Designed and manufactured entirely in the US, Lake Shore’s filters are available without restriction for everyday applications and classified programs.

The filters come with a standard 3 year warranty, and Lake Shore assures filter performance even at the extremes with documented and verifiable product specifications and design validation results.