MeasureLINK-MCS application packages

MeasureLINK uses application packs to extend the base functionality of the program by adding additional instrument drivers, scripts, examples, and documentation related to a specific task. For instance, our field platform application pack includes a collection of Lake Shore power supply and magnetic field controller drivers that enable simple field control applications. Grouping these packs by application permits each user to customize MeasureLINK for their own application, without burdening the system with unneeded functionality.


FastHall application packThe FastHall application pack adds the M91 FastHall™ measurement controller to MeasureLINK. This includes the M91 instrument driver and scripts for completing Hall analysis. The permanent magnet driver is also included to support the FastHall Station tabletop Hall measurement system. These scripts also support electromagnet and superconducting Hall measurements by downloading the field platform application pack.

Download FastHall pack


Temperature application packThe temperature application pack adds temperature control to MeasureLINK via two different 336 instrument drivers. The standard 336 driver permits full configuration and parameter specification of the 336 instrument for cryogenic temperature monitoring and control applications. The “336 Basic” driver permits users to interact with a preconfigured 336. This is most useful for changing the control parameters (e.g., setpoint) and reading monitor outputs without requiring the full configuration to be specified. Scripts are provided for ramping temperature.

Download temperature pack

Field platform

Field platform application packThe field platform application pack enables MeasureLINK to support the Lake Shore MCS-EMP electromagnet platform, including magnetic field closed loop control using an F71/F41 teslameter.

Download Field pack

QD MultiVu™

QD MultiVu application packThe QD MultiVu application pack enables MeasureLINK to communicate directly with the Quantum Design PPMS MultiVu software to permit MeasureLINK to set and read both the field and the temperature of the PPMS.

Download QD MultiVu pack