All specifications subject to change
Bipolar, 4-quadrant, DC current source
Current generation
Linear regulation with digital setting and analog
Current range
±60 A
Compliance voltage
±5 V maximum (nominal, both source and sink)
Maximum power
300 W
Load reactance
0 H to 100 H
Current ripple (max)

4 mA RMS at 60 A, (0.007%) into 1 mΩ load
(significantly reduced into a reactive load or at
lower current)
Current ripple frequency
Dominated by line frequency and its harmonics
Temperature coefficient
±15 ppm of full scale/°C
Line regulation
15 ppm/6% line change
Source impedance
25 Ω
Stability (1 h)
1 mA/h (after warm-up)
Stability (24 h)

10 mA/24 h (typical, dominated by temperature coefficient and line regulation)
Output optically isolated from chassis to prevent
 ground loops
Parallel operation
2 units can be paralleled for ±120 A, ±5 V operation

Quench, line loss, low line voltage, high line voltage,
output over voltage, output over current, over temperature, and remote inhibit (on critical error conditions, magnet discharges at 1 V nominal)

Output Programming
Internal current settings
Resolution 0.1 mA (20-bit)
Settling time 600 ms for 1% step to within 0.1 mA into a resistive
Accuracy ±10 mA ±0.05% of setting
Operation Keyboard, computer interface
Current setting limit
Internal current ramp
Ramp rate 0.1 mA/s to 99.999 A/s (compliance limited)
Update rate 27.7 increments/s
Ramp segments 5
Operation Keypad, computer interface, and trigger input
Ramp rate limit
External current programming
Sensitivity 6 V = 60 A
Resolution Analog
Accuracy ±10 mA ±1% of setting
Bandwidth (3 dB) 40 Hz, 2-pole, low-pass filter (10 Hz pass band,
compliance limited)
Input resistance >50 kΩ
Operation Voltage program through rear panel
Connector Shared 15-pin D-sub
Internally clamped at 6.1 V
Compliance voltage setting
Range 0.1 V to 5.0 V
Resolution 100 µV
Accuracy ±10 mV ±1% of reading
Output current
Resolution 0.1 mA
Accuracy ±1 mA ±0.05% of reading
Update rate 2.5 readings/s display, 10 readings/s interface
Compensated for lead resistance and 25 Ω source
Output voltage (at supply terminals)
Resolution 100 µV
Accuracy ±1 mV ±0.05% of reading
Update rate
2.5 readings/s display, 5 readings/s interface
Remote voltage (at magnet leads)
Resolution 100 µV
Accuracy ±1 mV ±0.05% of reading
Update rate 1.25 readings/s
Input resistance >50 kΩ
Connector Shared 15-pin D-sub
Persistent Switch Heater Output (PSHO)
Current range
10 mA to 125 mA
Compliance voltage (minimum)
12 V or 21 V selectable
Heater resistance (minimum)
10 Ω
Setting resolution
1 mA
±1 mA
On/Off with lockout delay of 5 s to 100 s

Open or shorted heater detection, error message if off and on output currents differ
Connector BNC
Front Panel
Display type

8-line by 40-character, graphic vacuum fluorescent display module
Display readings

Output current, calculated field (T to G), output voltage, and remote voltage sense
Display settings

Output current, calculated field, compliance voltage, and ramp rate
Display annuciators
Status and errors
LED annuciators
PSHO on, remote, compliance limit, fault, and ramping
Keypad type
26 full travel keys
Keypad functions Direct access to common operations, menu driven setup
IEEE-488.2 interface
Features SH1, AH1, T5, L4, SR1, RL1, PP0, DC1, DT1, C0, E1
Reading rate To 10 readings/s
Software support LabVIEW™ driver
Serial interface
Electrical format RS-232C
Baud rates 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600
Reading rate To 10 readings/s
9-pin D-sub
Output current monitor
Sensitivity 60 A = 6 V
Accuracy ±1% of full scale
Noise 1 mV
Source impedence 20 Ω
Shared 15-pin D-sub
Output voltage monitor
Sensitivity 1 V = 1 V
Accuracy ±1% of full scale
Noise 1 mV
Source impedence 20 Ω
Shared 15-pin D-sub
Fault output
Type Relay (closed on fault)
Real contact 30 VDC at 1 A
Shared 25-pin D-sub
Remote inhibit input
Type TTL or contact closure
Shared 25-pin D-sub
Trigger input
Type TTL or contact closure
Connector Shared 25-pin D-sub
Ambient temperature
15 ºC to 35 ºC
Air cooled with internal 2-speed fan
30 min at output current setting
Line power

100, 120, 220, 240 VAC +6% -10%, single phase, 50 or 60 Hz, 850 VA

483 mm W × 178 mm H × 520 mm D
(19 in × 7 in × 20.5 in), rack mount
(integrated rack mount ears)
27.2 kg (60 lb)
Calibration schedule 1 year