3900 Series Specifications

See sample data for the 3900 Series VSM
Magnetic moment measurement
50 µemu to 10 emu full scale
0.005% of full scale with 60% overrange capability
2% vs. calibration
Sensitivity0.5 µemu standard deviation (room temperature operation, 1 s averaging time)
≤10-4/h at constant ambient temperature; ≤5(10-4)/°C (vs. ambient temperature)
0.5% standard deviation (sample undisturbed); 1% standard deviation (sample removed and replaced)
Optional variable temperature cryostat
TypeContinuous flow LHe or LN2 (must specify)
Temperature rangeLHe: 10 K to 473 K; LN2: 125 K to 473 K
Temperature accuracy±1% of set temperature ±1 K
Resolution100 mK
Cryostat cooldown time30 min
Sample cooldown time2 min (cold cryostat)
Cryostat inside diameter6 mm (sample zone)
Cryostat outside diameter11 mm (magnet air gap 20 mm)
Temperature sensorChromel vs. Au 0.07 atomic % Fe, located approximately 10 mm below sample
Sensitivity2 µemu standard deviation at 1 s averaging time
Temperature slew rateApproximately 5 min full span
Total system cooling water power dissipation
5.4 kW at 50 or 60 Hz — see list of available recirculating chillers
Optional high temperature furnace
TypeContinuous flow (helium or argon gas)
Temperature range100 °C to 800 °C
Temperature accuracy±0.75% of set temperature ±2.2 °C
Resolution0.1 °C
Temperature slew rateApproximately 3 min full span
Temperature sensorType K
Sample chamberFused silica, inside diameter 6 mm (sample zone), outside diameter 11 mm (magnet air gap 20 mm)
Sample holderMacor®
Gas flowApproximately 5 L/min
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