MeasureLINK™ software


Software for coordinating and automating characterization systems.

MeasureLINK™ Standard Features

  • Free of charge (requires registration)
  • Coordinates all aspects of characterization experiments
    • Construct an experiment by selecting a sequence of pre-written functional steps to control the environment and collect data
    • No programming required
    • Automatically steps through user-defined sequences
    • Controls research platform environmental settings while executing electrical measurements of materials/devices
    • Time-stamps readings and conditions at each measurement for a correlated dataset
  • Helps confirm useful data (to avoid wasted time)
    • Enables data collection visualization in real-time
    • Choose the data format that makes most sense for each setup
    • Helps confirm that an experiment is progressing successfully—more science in less time
  • Shares data (with external systems)
    • Makes it easy to share coordinated, time-stamped experimental data with any tool of choice, such as LabVIEW™, MatLab®, Python™, etc.
    • Data can be used for analysis, remote execution, or supervisory control

MeasureLINK™ Custom Scripting Option

  • Purchased separately
  • Allows user to construct new and edit existing measurement scripts, providing complete control over every aspect of the experiment
  • Included with all system products

MeasureLINK™ Application Packs

  • Extend the functionality of MeasureLINK™ by adding additional instrument drivers, scripts, examples, and documentation related to specific tasks
  • Download the applications you need

MeasureLINK system integration


MeasureLINK executes sequences of user-defined experimental steps which can include setting field and temperature levels as well as sourcing and measuring electrical signals. Steps also generate the user interfaces needed to gather inputs before running experiments. You can select steps from MeasureLINK’s editor. They can be used as is, or customized using MeasureLINK’s scripting tools. Entirely new steps can also be defined using the scripting tools. Optional application packs provide complete, predefined sequences to support specific measurement applications.


MeasureLINK-MCS includes interfaces for integrating both Lake Shore and third-party instruments. Drivers for Lake Shore and other pre-defined instruments enable access to expanded control and measurement capabilities.

MeasureReady Modular Characterization Systems (MCS)

MCS-EMPMeasureLINK-MCS provides the automation core of the MeasureReady MCS-EMP platforms, enabling coordinated control of field, temperature, and electrical measurements. MCS measurement modules provide packaged measurement solutions that include instrumentation, MeasureLINK application packs, and other required components.