LN2 Research Dewar
Janis — a Lake Shore Company

Research Dewars

Janis Research designs and manufactures a line of superior quality research Dewars. With a wide range of styles and options available, there is sure to be a Dewar to suit your application.

Dewars are available with a demountable bottom flange for the easy addition of an optical or non-optical tail set. If this option is not required, then Dewars are available with a welded bottom flange. All joints are leak-checked warm and cold to ensure that Janis Research's standard of high quality is maintained.

Both liquid nitrogen and vapor-shielded Dewars are available, and all Dewars have been designed to minimize liquid helium consumption. Mounting flanges are available, with the style of flange depending on the size of the Dewar.

Following is a list of standard sizes and designs. Variations on these Dewars, or a completely custom Dewar, may easily be ordered by discussing your application with our experienced design engineers. Contact Janis today for further details.

CNDT Dewars

Designed with SuperVariTemp inserts or immersion inserts in mind, these Dewars have demountable bottom flanges allowing easy installation of the desired tail set. They have a completely enclosed liquid nitrogen reservoir for increased cryogen efficiency, and are available in sizes ranging from those suitable for small variable temperature inserts up to those accommodating large diameter superconducting magnets.


Similar to the standard CNDT Dewar, but custom-designed for NMR spectroscopy. The sample space is maximized while still allowing the tail to fit inside the bore of your magnet.


Similar to the standard CNDT Dewar, but custom-designed for UHV applications. This Dewar is built to order, so the dimensions, cryogen volume, conflat flange, and cold plate tapped hole pattern may all be specified to meet any individual requirements.

VSRD Dewars (Vapor Shielded)

These convenient bucket-style Dewars need no liquid nitrogen for operation and are suitable for use with superconducting magnets and other non-optical inserts

Liquid Nitrogen Research Dewars

The model LN2-IMM-T is an immersion tail liquid nitrogen system that can be used in the bore of a superconducting magnet for testing high-temperature superconductors.

Storage Dewars

Janis stocks a complete line of liquid helium storage Dewars that feature a wide neck made of composite material for high performance.