Model 331 Cryogenic Temperature Controller

The Model 331 has been replaced by the Model 335.

Model 331S features

  • Operates down to 1.2 K with appropriate sensors
  • Two sensor inputs
  • Supports diode, RTD, and thermocouple sensors
  • Sensor excitation current reversal eliminates thermal EMF errors for resistance sensors
  • Two autotuning control loops: 50 W and 1 W
  • IEEE-488 and RS-232C interfaces, analog outputs, and alarm relays

The Model 331 cryogenic temperature controller combines the easy operation and unsurpassed reliability of the Model 330 with improved sensor input and interface flexibility, including compatibility with negative temperature coefficient (NTC) resistance temperature detectors (RTDs). Backed by the Lake Shore tradition of excellence in cryogenic sensors and instrumentation, the Model 331 Temperature Controller sets the standard for mid-price range temperature control instruments.

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