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Shipping Charges
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Lead Time1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks6 weeks8 weeksConsult
Lead times are dependent upon backlog at time of order. Please consult Lake Shore if you require a definitive lead time.

Please note: The DT-470 Series silicon diodes have been discontinued. Our recommended replacements are the
DT-670 silicon diodes.


*Lake Shore does not warrant mechanical damage to the DT-414

DT-414 handling: fragile assembly—must not be turned over on gold wire bond side—handle by edges of substrate or by 50 µm diameter gold leads; unencapsulated device must not be exposed to moisture or corrosive atmosphere

DT-414M-UN substrate is backside metallized

Note: upper temperature limit package dependent—see Sensor Packages section
Other packaging available by special order—please consult Lake Shore
Accessories available for cryogenic temperature sensors
SN-CO-C1CO style sensor clamps for SD package$44
ECRITExpanded interpolation table$108
8000Calibration report on CD-ROM$101
COC-SENCertificate of conformance$36

For information on mounting adapters available for use with SD package, click here.


Accessories suggested for installation—
see Accessories section for full description
Stycast® epoxy
Apiezon® grease
90% Pb, 10% Sn solder
Indium solder
VGE-7031 varnish
Phosphor bronze wire
Manganin wire
Detailed description of:
Uncalibrated cryogenic temperature sensors
Calibrated cryogenic temperature sensors
Cryogenic temperature sensor packages