Hall Probes

Lake Shore gaussmeters
Lake Shore Hall probe selection guide
Choose a probe type from the list below. If you aren't sure what you need, consult our Hall probe selection guide or contact us at sales@lakeshore.com.​

FP Series Hall probe features

  • Wide field range—suited for everything from earth-field to the world’s strongest electromagnets
  • 2Dex™ sensors with tiny active area of just 0.1 mm2 for more precise measurements
  • Temperature and linearity (field) compensation are built-in
  • Versatile handle and stem options to suit numerous applications
  • Ease of use features such as active area and polarity indicators
  • Application-specific probe customization available

400 Series Hall probe features

  • Flexible probe configurations to suit your application
  • Several sensor types available with different performance characteristics
  • Most suited for field levels from earth field to very large electromagnets
  • Application-specific probe customization available