Firmware update process

The easiest way to update instrument firmware is online:

  1. Provide the instrument with an Internet connection using Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  2. Access update screen (System settings > Update)
  3. The instrument will detect the latest firmware version, follow on-screen prompts to download and install the update

Updating an offline instrument is accomplished with the following steps:

  1. Click on the desired version number below. This is a link to the .lsfw firmware update file
  2. Copy or save the .lsfw file onto the root directory of a USB flash drive. Make sure it is the only .lsfw file in that location
  3. Plug the flash drive into the USB-C port on the back of the instrument, if you don't have a newer flash drive with a USB-C connection, use the adapter that was supplied with the instrument
  4. Restart the instrument to be given the option to perform a firmware update.
  5. Disconnect the USB flash drive once the update is complete

155 firmware changelog

1.2.2018110102 - 11/9/18


  • SCPI over TCP communication was still possible when instrument was asleep
  • SCPI over TCP resets to enabled after power cycle

1.2.2018080203 - 8/28/18


  • All digital ref out
  • User settable phase compensation


  • Ethernet shows static IP when actually DHCP on fresh OS install

1.1.2018051008 - 5/22/18


  • Layout of the main menu drawer improved


  • AC commands being accepted in DC only instrument
  • Two dialog boxes created when double tapping on listview item

[1.0] - First release

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