Jane Dickinson

Customer Service Coordinator

Lake Shore is a company that spans the world, so it’s interesting to interact with the customers in the various countries while helping them to successfully place orders. I enjoy working with them and ensuring that their questions—whether technical in nature or relating to the status of their shipment—are answered as quickly as possible.
Jane Dickinson is one of our Customer Service Coordinators, a first point of contact for many customers contacting Lake Shore on daily basis. Originally the company’s receptionist, she has been with us since 1979, starting at a time when Lake Shore had fewer than 30 people on staff. Before coming to Lake Shore, she managed CODEN based inventory for scientists and chemists at Chemical Abstracts. In 1982, she moved to Lake Shore Customer Service, where she handles customer inquiries about orders, quotes, and requests for product information, and when required, puts them in contact with technical or field service staff for prompt resolution of issues. Her responsibilities also include supervising sales order entry processes, reviewing orders for technical accuracy, and expediting order fulfillment. In addition, Jane is one of our main contacts for our sales managers and sales channel representatives around the world regarding order status and completeness.